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System Requirements

  • An OTAP installation. If OTAP is not installed on your system, please select the Windows or Macintosh installer.

Current version: 3.11

NOTE: If you have OTAP version 3.05 or greater, the software can update itself. In the OTAP menu bar, click: Help > Check for Updates

Installation Instructions

  1. Click the Download button above to download the OTAP software.
  2. In your file browser, open the directory where OTAP is installed.
    Follow these instructions if you don't remember where you installed OTAP:
    • Launch OTAP Software
    • Click Help > About in the OTAP menu.
    • The directory path will be printed under Installed in.
  3. Move the newly downloaded otap.jar file from your downloads directory to the directory where OTAP is installed. Replace the existing otap.jar file with the new one.
  4. Verify that the update worked by launching OTAP and clicking Help > About in the OTAP menu. The version number in the OTAP help window should be 3.11.