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The Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (AMPS) is used to measure how well a client performs familiar activities of daily living (ADL) in terms of increased physical effort, decreased efficiency, safety, and independence.

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The AMPS can be used with any client, regardless of diagnosis or age, as long as the client is at least the developmental age of 2 years and is familiar with performing some ADL tasks. There are over 125 ADL tasks included in the AMPS, from very easy self-care tasks to multi-step domestic tasks (including outdoor tasks and shopping). The AMPS has been standardized on an international sample of over 196,000 people between the ages of 2 to 100+ years.

The occupational therapist administers the AMPS by observing a client perform two familiar and relevant ADL tasks in a natural, task-relevant environment. The occupational therapist then scores the quality of 36 performance skills that the client enacted during the task performance. The occupational therapist uses our software to generate an AMPS Results Report which includes the client’s AMPS measures.

The AMPS measures represent how well the client performs ADL tasks, in terms of physical effort, efficiency, safety, and independence. These measures take into consideration the difficulty of the tasks the client performed and the unique scoring severity of the occupational therapist administering the AMPS. The occupational therapist can use a client’s AMPS measures to plan occupation-based and occupation-focused intervention, develop occupation-focused goals, and write occupation-focused documentation. AMPS measures can also be used as outcome measures — providing evidence that a client’s occupational performance changed.

Benefits of Administering the AMPS

Using this innovative assessment tool will expand your practice by helping you deliver more occupation-centered services.