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Tools for Giving an AMPS In-service

Are you expected to give an AMPS in-service? Is the thought of synthesizing the enormous amount of information covered in a 5-day course overwhelming? We have organized the following resources to help you prepare for your in-service:

Download AMPS in-service PowerPoint file  English | Français
Presentation slides with notes and suggestions to help you prepare the content of your talk. The presentation has been designed as a general, introductory in-service, but we encourage you to modify it as you see fit to meet the needs and interests of your audience.

Download hints for giving an AMPS in-service
Ideas to help you think about special considerations to modify your in-service for different types of audiences.

Download the AMPS Score Form
Consider distributing a handout of the AMPS Score Form to your audience for reference during your AMPS in-service presentation.

Download the AMPS Reference List
Have a copy of the AMPS Reference List available.

For some audiences, you might consider summarizing or presenting the Introduction to the AMPS video.