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New AMPS Tasks

The AMPS includes 125 calibrated tasks and many new tasks that are uncalibrated. An uncalibrated task is a task that is so new to the AMPS that we do not know yet its level of task challenge. The only way new tasks become calibrated is if AMPS raters use a new, uncalibrated task as part of an AMPS observation and submit the AMPS observation data to CIOTS.

Help us calibrate new AMPS tasks!

We encourage you to help calibrate new AMPS tasks by using them with the people you evaluate. For each uncalibrated task that you observe a person perform, you also must observe the person perform two calibrated tasks. By observing the person perform three tasks (one uncalibrated task and two calibrated tasks), you can use OTAP to calculate the person’s AMPS measures and generate AMPS reports. Next, submit the data to CIOTS. All submitted data are anonymous and CIOTS cannot identify the person who performed the tasks. Get your detailed instructions on how to submit data from the following link: New, uncalibrated AMPS task submission instructions.

How do I know if a new task has been calibrated?

Once a task is calibrated, you will be notified by your OTAP software that a software update is available. Your updated OTAP software will include information about the calibrated task’s level of task challenge. Alternatively, you can check the OTAP Version History webpage to see what was included in recently-released OTAP updates.

Once a task is calibrated, the task can be used with one or more other calibrated AMPS tasks to generate AMPS measures and AMPS reports. You do not need to send task-calibration data to CIOTS for calibrated AMPS tasks.


Have questions about using new tasks? Have an idea for a new task? Email us at

Get detailed AMPS task descriptions for new AMPS tasks

All new tasks can be downloaded as a .zip file:

Download All

Detailed task descriptions of new AMPS tasks can be downloaded by clicking the following links: