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Uncalibrated Task Submission Instructions

STEP 1: Test Each Person Using the AMPS

  1. Observe each person performing at least three AMPS tasks: two calibrated AMPS tasks and one new, uncalibrated AMPS task.
  2. Obtain written or verbal informed consent to send the person’s evaluation data to the Center for Innovative OT Solutions (CIOTS).
    Note. The names of the people you observe for an AMPS evaluation are not sent to CIOTS.

STEP 2: Enter Data

  1. Log into your OTAP software.
  2. Click Edit > Add New Person.
  3. Enter the person's demographic information.
  4. Click the checkbox, "Informed consent has been obtained."
  5. Click Save.
  6. Add an AMPS evaluation.
    1. Select the new person.
    2. Click Edit > Add New Evaluation > AMPS Evaluation.
    3. Enter the evaluation date — the date of the AMPS observation.
      Note. The person's age is accurately calculated by the OTAP software only when you accurately enter the person’s birth date and the evaluation date.
    4. Enter the person's diagnosis(es) at the time of the AMPS observation.
    5. Select the AMPS tab in the New AMPS Evaluation window.
    6. Enter the following evaluation data for each AMPS task:
      • AMPS task name
      • AMPS overall quality of performance (QoP) ratings for effort, efficiency, safety, and independence
      • AMPS item scores
    7. Enter the person's AMPS functional level rating at the time of the AMPS observation.
    8. Enter your AMPS global baseline for the person’s performance (required).
    9. Click Save.

STEP 3: Export Data

  1. Log into your OTAP software.
  2. Click File > Export > Research Data > AMPS.
  3. Select a location to export your calibration data file — a location where you can find your file later (e.g., your desktop, USB flash drive, hard drive, or network drive).
  4. Click Export — If your data are incomplete, the program will display a message with common problems. Fix or add the data and export your data again.

STEP 4: Submit Exported Data File

  1. Visit the CIOTS website:
  2. Click CORe.
  3. Log into the Combined Online Resources: Rater Calibration Center (CORe).
  4. Click Upload AMPS or AMPS / ACQ-OP OTAP data.
  5. Click, I am submitting new (uncalibrated) AMPS data.
  6. Click Browse to locate and select your exported data file. If you have trouble finding your data file, repeat Step 3. Ensure that you remember the location of your data file.
  7. Click Upload to submit your data for analysis.
    Note. The website will immediately display a message confirming that your data were received:
    Caution sign Your submission of new, uncalibrated AMPS task data supports the calibration and validation of new AMPS tasks. Once a task is calibrated, you will be notified by your OTAP software that a software update is available. Your updated OTAP software will allow you to use the newly calibrated task along with one or more calibrated AMPS task to generate AMPS measures and reports.